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3-Way Display Alarm with 2.2" TFT (Kit | 170112-71)

Firmware update (2018-08) available here

The Three-Displays Alarm Clock alternates its display between three different formats.

It is based on an Atmega328P-PU and has a 2.2” 240 x 320 TFT screen, three user menu buttons, an alarm button, a buzzer, and a light detector (LDR) that can be used to dim the display at night automatically.

An external real-time clock (RTC) with a supercapacitor provides backup to overcome power failures of several days.

Kit of parts: PCB with all needed components, TFT screen included. Case not included

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Kit of parts: PCB with all needed components, TFT screen included. Case not included

This alarm clock changes each hour the format of the time displayed on an LCD screen. The clock is running on an Atmega328P-PU microcontroller from Atmel (12 MHz). The software is written in the Arduino IDE.
The Atmega328P-PU can be programmed on an Arduino Uno or through the SPI pins on the main board of the clock.

Three user buttons allow browsing through the menu for settings:
“OK,” “+,” “–.” A fourth user button turns the alarm on or off quickly.
Light-sensitive sleepers can dim the light of the display (using an LDR).

When unplugged, the clock holds the time for more than three days thanks to a 3.6 V, 1H supercapacitor.

A 3D design of the frame can be downloaded as an STL file and printed with a 3D printer. The frame will cover the circuitry of the three displays alarm clock and makes it a great looking clock.

The 3D-printed case showed on the pictures isn’t included in the kit. The corresponding STL files containing 3D design can be downloaded and printed with a 3D printer.

Firmware update (2018-08) available here

Réf. 18556
Constructeur Elektor Labs
Référence de rédaction 170112-71

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