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Bernstein 5-100 – 12-pcs Special Tweezers & Tools

Bernstein 5-100 | 12-pcs Special Tweezers & Tools

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Included in the set:

  • Desoldering lever, slotted on one end, nickel plated, with ESD black plastic handle
  • Tin knife with plastic handle, 115 mm
  • IC-tweezers, nickel plated, 125 mm, for gripping, inserting and removing IC‘s
  • Component tweezers 145 mm, nickel-plated, with insulated jaws, for easy insertion and removal of plug-in transistors of various sizes
  • Anti-magnetic tweezers, tapering chisel, 1.0 mm width,matt finish, stainless and acid-resistant, 130 mm
  • Engineer‘s tweezers, 150 mm, fine curved tips, fine serrated
  • Engineer‘s tweezers, 150 mm, bent tips, nickel-plated, strong PVC-insulated
  • Heat dissipating tweezers, 165 mm, with flat, wide tips and copper jaws, nickel-plated
  • Engineer ́s tweezers, straight, flat, wide, nickel-plated, 145 mm
  • Engineer ́s tweezers, as above, strong PVC-insulation
  • Engineer‘s tweezers, 120 mm, straight, narrow pointed tips
  • Crossed soldering tweezers, (self-locking tweezers), made from steel, with benttips and gripping well hand-guard, nickel-plated, 160 mm
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Constructeur Bernstein

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