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E-Book: DC/DC Book of Knowledge

E-Book: DC/DC Book of Knowledge


Practical tips for the User


Practical tips for the User
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The function of any AC/DC or DC/DC converter module is to meet one or more of the following requirements:
• to match the secondary load to the primary power supply
• to provide isolation between primary and secondary circuits
• to provide protection against the effects of faults, short circuit or over heating
• to simplify compliance with safety, performance or EMC legislation.

There are a number of different techniques available to achieve these aims, starting at its simplest with a linear regulator and going through to multi-stage, digitally controlled power supplies. This book aims to explain the various DC/DC circuits and topologies available so that users can better understand the advantages, limitations and operational boundaries of each of these solutions. The language used is necessarily technical, but is kept as simple as possible without trivialising the technology involved.

The author has many years of experience answering customers’ questions, helping with design-ins, presenting at seminars, writing articles and even making Youtube videos. Despite this accumulated know-how, there is still something to learn new every day about this diverse and wide-ranging subject. This book is subtitled “Practical tips for the User” because it hopes to de-mystify the topic of power conversion, despite there being as many solutions as there are applications. If it succeed in passing at least some of our expertise and knowledge on to you, then it will have accomplished its goal.

The information given in this book is given in good faith and has been checked for veracity.


More Information
réf. 16956-DCDC
langue Anglais
marque Recom
Auteur Steve Roberts
pages 244
format/taille PDF

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