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JYE Tech FG085 miniDDS Function Generator DIY Kit

Here comes from JYE Tech the FG085 miniDDS Function Generator DIY kit (with front and back panel). The FG085 is a low cost yet versatile function generator capable of producing signals of many different waveforms.

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The FG085 is an inexpensive yet all-around Function Generator. It can produce signals of many different waveforms. The device is very straightforward to use and requires little skill making it an excellent entry level testing instrument for electronic hobbyists, students or anyone else with a home lab.

This is the panelled kit version of FG085. All SMT parts have been pre-soldered on PCB. MCUs on board have been pre-programmed. Through-hole components are to be installed by users. Soldering skill is required to assemble the kit.

  • Generating continuous waveforms of Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp (up and down), and Staircase (up and down)
  • Generating user-defined arbitrary waveforms (AWG)
  • Generating sweeping frequency signals of selected waveforms. Start frequency, stop frequency, and sweep rate can be independently set
  • Generating servo test/control signals in micro-second resolution with user programmable pulse width, amplitude, and cycle
  • Setting of frequency (or period), amplitude, and offset is done with digits – quick and straightforward
  • Variable duty cycle from 1% – 100% for square signal
  • Frequency (period), amplitude, and offset can be incrementally adjusted with a rotary encoder
  • Incremental step size can be set to any value. Very convenient for quick adjustment of the frequency/cycle around a particular point or over a range
  • Trigger input available
  • Synchronous output available for sweeping mode
  • Settings are memorised after power down
  • Can be used as an adjustable DC voltage source by setting the frequency to 0
Réf. 17468
Constructeur JYE Tech
Exécution FG085


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  1. Really good value for the price. And with a responsive and helpful support from the Elektor team.

    (Posté le 15/04/2017) - Review by Philippe
  2. SVP donnez la signification des chiffres pour l'appréciation (1 mauvais 5 très bon OU 1 très bon 5 très mauvais, etc...) Sinon le produit semble sympa, dommage qu'il n'y a quasi aucune caractéristique sur le produit. On est obligé de rechercher sur google à partir du numéro du fabriquant... Bande passante limitée à 200kHz, pratique pour l'audio.

    (Posté le 19/01/2017) - Review by Alexis

2 article(s)

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