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Linear Audio 12

Linear Audio Vol 12 is the 13th issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception.

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Linear Audio Vol 12 is the 13th issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception.

In this issue:


Your editor reflects on the ongoing attempts to test for audibility of Hi-res audio and wonders We need a good test for high res audio – or do we?


Christopher Paul asks So What’s Mu with You? and comes up with a set of insightful equations, schematics and parameters. Pierre Touzelet, our resident mathematician, thought long and hard On driving methods for loudspeaker systems and came up with relative merits of one method over another.

Circuit design

Bill Waslo decided it was time for Something Different: “The Spring” SE Class-A ZGNFB MOSFET Amplifier, zero nfb and single-ended / class A. Vincent Thiernesse decided it was time for Efficient, unity power-factor, low cost audio power amp supplies and designed one, with sine wave current absorption and inherently good power factor. Douglas Self decided it was time for Rumble filtering – like you really mean it. Hans Polak made An attempt to design a non plus ultra Phono-Preamp that could hold its own with the best without having to mortgage the farm.

Test and Measurement

Samuel Groner teamed up with Scott Wurcer and the resulting Quadrature Bridge Measures Harmonic Distortion in Capacitors to measure capacitor distortion down to −150 dB.

The Way I see it…

By wondering What’s with all this dynamic range? Stan Curtis comes up with some valuable insights.

Book review

Hans Polak reviews Esa Merilaäinen’s Current-Driving of Loudspeakers and becomes convinced that for loudspeakers, current drive is in theory superior to voltage drive. Morgan Jones reviews Horowitz and Hill’s The Art of Electronics, 3rd Ed. and finds it probably the most significant analogue electronics book published this decade. Letter to the Editor Stefan Heinzmann, in his comments to Hans Polak - Adding OEO to an existing rule (Vol 10) expands on the relevance of AES48. Marcel van de Gevel looked at Douglas Self - The Devinyliser (Vol 11) concluding that it could be simplified but that other parameters would suffer unacceptably.

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