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Make Arduino-Special (EN) incl. Arduino Uno

This special edition (English version, bundled complete with an Arduino Uno R3) from the offices of MAKE magazine will form an ideal introduction for newcomers to the Arduino development platform. The system is explained from the bottom up, no prior knowledge is necessary.

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The magazine starts with a short introduction to all the key hardware features and describes software installation of the Arduino IDE. The experienced author Maik Schmidt takes you step by step through the process of programming and exploring the versatile Arduino platform without getting bogged-down with unnecessary theory. Learning-by-doing is the keystone to his approach.
The journey of discovery takes you through writing your own sketches, installing software libraries, blinking LEDs, reading and evaluating the state of digital and analog input pins, interfacing with sensors, controlling DC motors and servos, using mini-displays generating video signals and tones.
For more advanced users a chapter is devoted to the use of the Firmata protocol. This turns the Arduino platform into a slave controller allowing its I/Os to be controlled directly from the PC without the need to upload different sketches to the Arduino for each new application.

The exercises build on one another to give a structured learning framework. The practical projects you will build include a noise level indicator with traffic light display, video signal generator to display battery voltage level on a monitor, a thermometer with OLED or servo-controlled indicator display, a synthesizer and much more.
The contents of the article are: Arduino hardware, Software, Begin Here, It’s Blinking, Flashing Variables, LED Dimming, Blink Control, Move on up, Analog Inputs, Temperature measuring, Motor Control, Power to the Arduino, Tips and Tricks, Arduino Flies Solo, Noise Alarm, Video Generator, Mouse Cinema, Tone Generation, The Arduino Family and the Remotely controlled Arduino.

Réf. 17772
langue Anglais
Constructeur Make
Exécution UNO
pages 60

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