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Maker Kit Physical Computing

Connect the Arduino with the real world: temperature sensor, optical sensors, mechanical sensors, magnetic sensors and servo motors in action in more than 20 real-world projects.

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Original Arduino Micro + 43 components + manual (English)

Projects explained by clear and simple circuit diagrams.
Basics of physics and electronics explained by hands-on projects.

Programming on a computer or controlling LEDs is too boring for you? In that case, this is the right kit for you: Connect the real to the digital world and take your first steps in physical computing! Capture sensor values and control actuators. In more than 20 hands-on projects, you will learn everything you need to implement your own projects, e.g. building your own robots with motors and sensors.

• LED bar graph display
• Electric current from fruit and vegetables
• Computer thermometer
• Magical temperature ball
• Frost alarm
• Temperature-controlled oscillator
• Emergency lighting
• Photometer with graphical display
• Optical distance alarm
• Shadow organ
• Fully automated egg timer
• Bar graph display controlled by a Hall sensor
• Magnetic scales
• 2D servo joint
• Mini robot arm
• Photosensory servo control
• XL display with servomotor
• Thermometer with XL servo display
• Light compass and magic eye
• Piezo seismograph
• Piezo-controlled servo
• Moon phase display

44 components:
• 1x Arduino Micro
1x Breadboard
• 2x Micro servo
• 1x Analog Hall sensor
• 1x Tilt sensor
• 1x Bar magnet
• 1x Piezo buzzer
• 2x Photo transistor
• 1x NTC
• 5x LED red
• 2x LED yellow
• 3x LED green
• 1x LED white
• 1x Red flashing LED
• 1x RGB LED
• 1x Potentiometer with axis
• 2x Capacitor, 100 nF
• 2x E-capacitor, 100 uF
• 1x Length of jumper wire, 2 m
• 1x Pin header, 12 pins
• 1x Battery box
• 6x 1 kOhm resistor
• 2x 10 kOhm resisitor
• 2x 100 kOhm resistor
• 1x 1 MOhm resisitor
• 1x 10 MOhm resisitor

Additionally required:
• USB cable and 4 x 1.5 AAA batteries

Réf. 17418
langue Anglais
Constructeur Franzis
ISBN 978-3-645-65284-1
Product range Hardware
pages 160
format/taille 14,8 x 21 cm (Manual)

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