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MAX1000 - IoT Maker Board, 8KLE, 8 MB RAM

The new FPGA IoT Maker Board is designed for the development of end-to-end applications with optimized costs. The Arrow MAX1000 board can be installed directly in a custom application or on a completely separate board. It is designed for start-ups, universities or established device manufacturers who require a flexible, cost-effective FPGA platform for development purposes.

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The core of the maker board is a compact (11 x 11 mm) Intel MAX10 FPGA with 8000 logic elements. This single chip has an integrated flash memory, a 1 Msps 12-bit ADC for analog signals and a 3.3 V power supply. Other features include embedded SRAM, DSP blocks, instant-on within milliseconds, and the ability to use an Intel NIOS II softcore embedded processor to perform microcontroller tasks.

The board is equipped with an integrated Arrow USB programmer that allows the FPGA to be programmed directly from a PC and debugged using the free Intel Quartus Prime Lite software. This makes Arrow MAX1000 an easy-to-use plug & play solution. The Arrow USB Programmer can also be integrated into the user's own circuit if required. 

The MAX1000 can be powered with 5 V via the USB port or via a separate pin. An Enpirion DC/DC converter with integrated coil then generates the 3.3 V power supply for the board. A MEMS oscillator handles the clock supply of the FPGA and the USB bridge. The low current 3-axis accelerometer - also based on MEMS technology - can be used for position and motion detection, which is often required in IoT applications. The external SDRAM can be used to store application data or as memory for the NIOS II processor.

In order to provide an easy introduction to the use of FPGAs, the MAX1000 comes with a number of demo projects for the NIOS II Soft IP controller. Eight configurable LEDs are available to indicate the status. Two buttons are provided for user input. A double-row connector based on the Arduino MKR standard and a Pmod connector provide flexible connectivity. This includes the ability to mount adapter boards for wireless ICs or sensors.


MAX 10 8 kLE
Flash dual inside
ADC 8x 12Bit
Temperature range 0 ~ 85°C
Power supply USB/pins
USB-Programmer on board
MEMS-Oscillator 12 MHz
Switch/LED 2x / 8x
Pmod/Headers no


TEI0001 MAX1000 Getting started

TEI0001 MAx1000 TRM

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