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Micsig DP20003 High Voltage Differential Probes

Comparing all high-voltage differential probes in the market, you will find Micsig DP series is very cost-effective. For a relatively lower price you get a performance that is not inferior to other more expensive brands.

DP20003 allows conventional earth-grounded oscilloscopes to be used for floating signal measurements of up to 5600 V of differential voltage and common mode voltage.

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Key features

  • 100 MHz bandwidth
  • User-selectable attenuation settings of 200:1 or 2000:1
  • Rated to measure differential and common mode voltage up to ±5600 V at 2000:1 mode
  • USB host port of scope or PC to supply power
  • Compatible with any oscilloscope
Rise Time 3.5 ns
Attenuation 200X
Gain accurecy ±2%
Maximum Differential Test Voltage(DC+AC PK-PK) 560 V(200X)
5600 V(2000X)
Maximum input common mode voltage(DC+AC PK-PK)   CAT III 1000V
Input referred noise ≤ 160 mVrms(200X)
≤ 920 mVrms(2000X)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio > 80 dB(DC)
> 60 dB(100KHz)
> 50 dB(1MHz)
Input Impedance 50 MΩ/1.25 pF(differential)
25 MΩ/2.5 pF(single-ended to ground)
Output Voltage ≤ 3 V
Overrange Alarm Button light flashes
Power Supply DC  5 V,USB Supply
Power 0.85 W
Dimension 14.5 cm*6 cm*2.7 cm
Input cable length Approx 45 cm
Output cable length Approx 90 cm

DP20003 Accessories

  • DP20003 probe X 1
  • Alligator Clips (red & black, 1 pair)
  • USB Cable X 1
Réf. 18843
Constructeur Micsig

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