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Breadboards, outils à main, gravure et fraisage, soudage, outils à plate-forme

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PCBite kit with 4x PCBite probes and test wires

PCBite is the perfect tool for handling your PCB during the design process. Powerful magnets combined with a stainless steel base plate provide flexibility, mobility and user-friendliness.

The holder can easily be relocated to deal with printed circuit boards of different shapes and sizes. The probe is sturdy yet flexible and can be used for immediate measurements or totally hands-free operations with your multimeter or another preferred tool.

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Miniware TS100 Digital Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is an essential tool if you want to repair some electronic devices, create a custom PCB for your projects or solder broken wires. However, if you need to perform some field work, a soldering station can cause some inconvenience. In that case, this tiny soldering station is just what you need.

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Cortex-M3 / nRF51422 Razor Board 1
Two development boards in one!

This is the main training board used in the Embedded in Embedded program and is a tremendous platform for any experimenting you want to do. It can be used with a high powered Atmel SAM3U2 ARM Cortex-M3 and a Nordic nRF51422 SoC with Cortex-M0 and ANT+ / BLE radio.

The use of a J-Link Onboard allows full programming and debugging of both processors without any external tools. It also includes a built-in virtual COM port for serial communications between the board and PC. Most pins are available in the breakout, and there is a prototyping area built-in as well.

Power comes from any 5 V USB source through the included USB cable.
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Connect LEDs and chips to your Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

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Eding CNC310 3-axis (Starter SW licence included)

This small controller controls up to 3-axis with a 125 kHz step frequency via its USB interface with Eding CNC Starter Software. This enables you to do 2.5D CNC operations.

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Plaque d'essai 830 points
Plaque d’essai de 16,5 x 5,3 x 0,85 cm à 830 points et lignes d’alimentation bleues et rouges.
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Alimentation réglable pour plaque d’essai.
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Pace Soldering Station WJS100E W/TD-100
Introducing the WJS™ 100 High-Power Soldering System from PACE.
The WJS 100 Soldering System has nearly twice the maximum power output to make easy work of your most challenging, high thermal mass applications.
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Support pour circuit imprimé Weller ESF 120ESD

Le support pour circuit imprimé ESF 120ESD de Weller est un châssis qui permet d'immobiliser un circuit imprimé sur lequel on veut monter et souder/dessouder des composants.

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« 3e main » Hobby Creek V2

Are you frustrated with traditional third hands? Do you want a more adaptable tool? The Hobby Creek Third Hand is the highest quality helping hand on the market!

The Third Hand quickens soldering, electronics, and DIY projects allowing you to finish your work faster than ever before!

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Available within 7-10 days!

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