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USBNinja Cable – USB-A to Micro-USB

Hacker tool/practical joke gadget disguised as a USB cable. Functions as a normal USB cable but can be activated over Bluetooth to remotely inject key presses and mouse clicks into the host computer. Controlled from f.i. Arduino & Android. Long-range remote control is available too.

Can be used for security checks & attacks, practical jokes or simply as remote control for a computer.

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When plugged into a host computer, USBNinja acts just like a regular USB cable. For example, it can be used both to charge your phone and to transfer images from your phone to your computer. However, perfectly concealed within USBNinja is a very small Bluetooth device, patiently waiting. When USBNinja receives the secret command, either from a smartphone running the USBNinja app, it goes from a passive cable to a stealthy attacker by emulating a USB mouse and/or keyboard to deliver its hidden payload to the host computer.

The payload delivered by USBNinja is completely customizable. You can use the standard Arduino IDE to create your own payload. 

USBNinja is truly a versatile tool, with applications such as practical jokes, magic tricks, secret love confessions, game assists, and information security trainings. You can certainly get creative and come up with your own uses for it.


  • Cable Physical Characteristics
    • Length: 1 m
    • Color: white
    • Connector type: Micro-USB
    • Voltage range: 4-25 V (supports fast charging)
    • Current consumption: 10 mA (typical)
    • Full-rate USB data transmission
  • Mobile App
    • Alternative to remote control for triggering payload
    • Open source and freely available
  • Programming
    • Payload programmable with standard Arduino IDE (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android)
    • Access bootloader with non-contact magnetic ring
    • Source code provided for example payload

Scope of delivery

  • USBNinja (Micro)
  • Magnet Ring (Switch to Bootloader)
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