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Walabot Creator Pack – RF near-field Scanner for development and research

Walabot is a programmable 3D sensor that looks into objects using radio frequency technology that breaks through known barriers, bringing highly sophisticated sensing capabilities to your fingertips. Walabot uses an antenna array to illuminate the area in front of it, and sense the returning signals. The signals are produced and recorded by VYYR2401 A3 System-on-Chip integrated circuit. The data is communicated to a host device using a USB interface, which is implemented using Cypress controller.

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Walabot is a pocket-sized device that provides cutting-edge technology for Radio Frequency (RF) tridimensional (3D) sensing and image processing, enabling sophisticated applications such as:

  • Breathing monitoring
  • Object tracking and fall detection
  • In-wall pipe and wire detection

Several sample applications are provided, and Walabot's flexible API enables you to create your own applications to access Walabot as a peripheral. With Walabot connected via USB and the Walabot SDK (for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi) installed, your custom application can use Walabot's API to receive various types of processed and unprocessed images. The application can then use image data as needed, including performing additional processing such as tracking changes between images to identify movement.

Walabot senses the environment by transmitting, receiving and recording signals from multiple antennas. The broadband recordings from multiple transmit-receive antenna pairs are analyzed to reconstruct a three dimensional image of the environment. Analysis of sequences of images allows detecting changes in the environment.


  • Radar API
  • Breathing API
  • Range measurement and motion detection capabilities
  • Expanded spatial sensing abilities
  • Radar mode API for 3D target tracking and monitoring
  • Frontside of the board: 15 antenna array (this side should be directed towards the objects you want to sense.)
  • Backside of the board: VYYR2401 A3 SoC, the USB controller and the micro-USB connectors (one is used for data transfer and possibly powering the Walabot, and the other USB connector is for power only.)
  • Bare board

Example apps you can develop

  • Range measurement
  • Breathing monitoring
  • Basic directional info
  • People tracking and fall detection
  • Distance and depth measurement

Walabot Creator Pack

  • Number of Antenna: 15
  • Board Size: 72 x 140 mm
  • External Powering Option
  • Basic API funtions
  • 2D acquisition
  • 3D acquisition
  • Breathing detection
  • Objects detection

Important Note

  • The Creator Pack comes as a bare board without case. It cannot be used with the Android app as seen in the video.
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