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Voiture télécommandée avec caméra embarquée pour RPi

Cette voiture télécommandée est idéale pour découvrir la plateforme Raspberry Pi (3, 2 ou 1B+, non incluse dans le kit). Le kit contient des composants, un manuel, le code ainsi que toutes les instructions nécessaires pour les utiliser.

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Here is a complete learning kit based on the wildly popular Raspberry Pi platform. The kit comes with an extensive and complete manual, all the necessary code (with explanation) as well as thorough schematic diagrams. The Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or 1B+ board (NOT included) is used as control. The kit uses a step-down DC-DC converter module to reduce input voltage and a motor driver module with L298N. Also a webcam is included with a USB Wi-Fi adapter so you can check the video in real-time on your PC or mobile device.

The car can be controlled from your PC where you can move it forward/backward and turn left/right, as well as control the camera to turn vertically and horizontally to capture the image in all directions.
It's a great kit to start discovering Raspberry Pi (both code and application), learn about the basic components and modules in electronics, and then use the knowledge learnt to explore greater fields!

MJPG-streamer is used for image capturing and video transmission in a real-time. Video can be viewed on any device through a compatible web browser; Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended. The robot car's Working Voltage is 7V-12V; Powered by two 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries.

Provided Component List:
• 1 pack x Acrylic plates
• 1 pack x Threaded fasteners
• 1x Tower Pro Micro Servo SG90
• 2x Gear Reducer
• 2x Driven wheel
• 2x Active wheel
• 1x 16-Channel 12-bit PWM driver
• 1x L298N DC Motor Driver Module
• 1x Step-down DC-DC Converter Module
• 1x USB Wi-Fi Adapter
• 1x USB Camera
• 1x Dual 18650 battery holder
• 1x Ribbon
• 1x USB Cable
• Several Dupont Wires
• 1x Screwdriver
• 1x Cross Socket Wrench

Parts that you need to add yourself:

• 1x Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or 1B+
• 2x 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (3.7V) without protection circuit board
• 1x microSD Card for the RPi

More information on the Smart Video Car for RPi can be found here!

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